Company Overview

“Akrivis” is an adaptation from the Greek word “ακριβεια” which means “precision, accuracy” and conveys well the essence of the company’s core technology and expertise.

Akrivis was co–founded in 2009 by Dr. Ban–An Khaw, Behrakis Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, to further develop and commercialize his lifelong work and discoveries on novel high sensitivity and cost-saving immunoassays and by Dr. Joel Berniac who brings ten years of expertise and experience in the pharmaceutical industry as a scientist in drug discovery and then as a business development professional.

The company’s core Z–TECT™ technology platform is based on a patented, nanotechnology-derived payload amplification system that has been shown to allow the detection of biomolecules down to the zeptomole range (10E–21 moles).  In addition to providing in vitro, in vivo and Point–Of–Care (POC) diagnostics, Z–TECT™ can also serve as a novel platform for the targeted delivery of radio- and chemo-therapeutic drugs for cancer treatment.  Potentially enabling far safer and more efficacious targeted delivery therapies, Z–TECT™ could have a major impact on the emerging field of “Theranostics”, which simultaneously combines diagnostics and therapy.

While Akrivis is currently focused on commercializing Z-TECT™-based Research-Use-Only (RUO) best-in-class products for high sensitivity in vitro detection and high resolution in vivo imaging, it is also committed to the development of clinical products for diagnostic and targeted therapy applications.

Akrivis has a business office in Kendall Square (One Broadway, 14th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02142) at the heart of the world's largest Biotech/Pharma hub in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Akrivis' R&D laboratories are located in Salem, Massachusetts (4 Technology Way, Salem, MA 01970), just north of Boston.

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